Dark Circles Filled With Hyaluronic Acid

It doesn’t matter what you call the dark area under your eyes, be it dark circles, bags, raccoon eyes, or whatever their causes; genetics, sagging skin, aging, lack of sleep, the truth is that many (men or women) struggle with this aspect in their lives, but luckily there is a cosmetic treatment to eliminate them at least for a while.

The different types of treatment include fillerlaser treatment, and surgeries, but in this article, we want to explain a little about what hyaluronic acid consists of.

The hyaluronic acid is a cosmetic treatment approved for use in 2003, was approved after numerous clinical studies on a large number of patients, side effects are considerably less frequent than with the use of other treatments, and the results are maintained for longer.

It has great benefits in skincare, such as improved appearancehydration, and smoothness, which can be used especially by those over 35 years.

What Is A “Hyaluronic Acid Injection”

The hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that, in its natural state, is presented as a thick gel and has the function of lubricating parts of the body such as joints and muscles, the like connective tissue making your skin is sturdy and has elasticity.

The hyaluronic acid gel is a solution to fill the area of ​​dark circles; this procedure is known as tear canal treatment or rejuvenation of the under-eye filler (Filler ใต้ตา which is the term in Thai).

According to some plastic surgeons, the treatment has gained popularity in recent years, especially among the millennial generation who complain about appearing tired, but because of their age, they do not consider them ready to undergo surgery.

The hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin and below it to decrease the marks on the skin and tighten the flaccid areas. Therefore this treatment requires excellent skill by the specialist.

What Are The Benefits Of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid completely rejuvenates the lower part of the eyelid area, and some of its benefits are:

  • Wrinkles are attenuated.
  • The cheeks look a little more raised.
  • It reduces the appearance of tiredness.
  • Extra hydrated skin