Cookie Diet – A Temporary Fad or a Viable Weight Loss Solution?

In an ideal world, people would be able to eat the treats they want without having to worry about their weight. Well, that’s the idea behind the cookie diet. 

As a dieting trend, the cookie diet has caught on recently, and it does make one wonder whether consuming cookies can genuinely help you shed excess pounds.

Here are some notable facts that you should know if you’re new to the cookie diet:

  • The cookies come in a limited range of flavours. There are common ones, such as chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal varieties, but all of the cookie diet companies generally only offer 3 to four choices.
  • The taste of a diet cookie is not going to be the same as a regular house-baked cookie. Considering that low calorie and low-fat ingredients are used to make the cookies, the texture and feel are likewise going to be a little different.
  • The cookies that people eat for the cookie diet are consumed in place of breakfast and lunch. The individual on this diet would then consume a healthy dinner of just 800-1200 calories.

The cookies used in a diet plan weight loss come in prepackaged bags or containers, and they can also be rather expensive. If an individual resides in a suburb, then they may be forced to order their diet plan cookies from the Internet, as many supermarkets and little shops do not keep them in stock. And finally, consuming cookies for breakfast and lunch takes away a great deal of the nutrients that people get from breakfast and lunch foods.

While dieting on cookies might not sound promising right off the bat, you will find that a lot of people, including notable celebrities, swear by them.

Is it for you?

Is the cookie diet the best diet to lose weight? Well, the truth is, a person must like cookies to delight in consuming them twice a day in place of their regular meals, and they also must understand that these cookies are not going to resemble the one’s mom used to make. This diet niche does seem to be hanging on, and it’s here to stay as a diet trend well into the foreseeable future.

The cookie diet plan is extremely appealing since it recommends something that is typically forbidden in many diet plan programs. As a result, however, it provides people with a false sense that they are balancing their nutrition in one food. 

Health care experts are often concerned that the cookie diet does fix the problem of obesity because there is no space for habits change. The cookie diet plans assure a significant return for little investment. Also, long-lasting weight loss can lead to potassium deficiency, gallstones, heart palpitations, compromised kidneys and lightheadedness. For weight-loss to stick, you require to have an eating pattern that is healthy for you. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to get a quick boost towards your weight loss goals, and this is something that the cookie diet can certainly provide.