Choosing the Right Option in rehab Treatment Now

The symptoms of the cocaine crisis clearly indicate the presence of addiction disease. Cocaine is a strong psychostimulant, and the most dangerous illegal substance. It is a fine white powder so it is known as “white”. In previous decades it was very expensive and the patients who came for the treatment of cocaine addiction were the wealthy.

Production is active, cocaine is everywhere around us, despite the economic and social state of society. In recent years, the growth of abuse among young people has been remarkable, so concern has also increased.

Having in mind the seriousness of the consequences, the clinic indicates the symptoms of the withdrawal crisis. The Couples rehab is the best choice here.

Symptoms of the withdrawal crisis and addiction develop quickly

To know the symptoms of the cocaine crisis, you must learn to recognize the behavior of the cocaine addicted person.

In fact, cocaine is taken in several ways. Most often with intravenous or sniffing injections, some people heat the crystalline powder and suck it up or it can be rubbed on the gums. Despite the method of use, it has momentary effect on the central nervous system. There are ample options for couples rehabs now.

In the first 5 minutes after hiring, the employee feels enormous energy and euphoria. At the same time, confidence and psychic and physical abilities grow, even talkativeness. There is a sense of power compared to others, greater safety in the workplace, because mental and body effort has decreased. In case of the couples drug rehab  this is important now.

Symptoms of the cocaine crisis

The “pleasant” effects are short, then the desire to feel them follows and with each new dose cocaine destroys your health.

Cocaine crisis has 3 stages

In 1986 explained the symptoms of the cocaine crisis , observed the treatment of addiction for 30 patients and defined the common periods of the crisis. The initial stage is known as “cocaine stroke”. It occurs 12 hours after consumption and lasts until the next day. Symptoms are acute dysphoria, irritability, exhaustion and anxiety, increased appetite and need for sleep. Tremor, sweating, muscle tension and diarrhea immediately follow. You need to choose the best drug rehab for couples now.

The second phase is “withdrawal”. Concentration, lethargy, restlessness and severe pain, greater desire to continue consumption and at this stage the patients abandon the withdrawal from cocaine.

The symptoms of the cocaine crisis in the last stage are very strong. Digestive problems, stomach pain, vomiting occur. Blood pressure increases and body temperature is low.

Adequate treatment is the only solution to remove cocaine withdrawal symptoms

As the symptoms of the cocaine crisis are very serious, employees are afraid of treatment, and methadone dependence on replacement therapy often occurs.

But in the clinic, ultramodern methods of treating addictive diseases are used and in this way total rehabilitation is guaranteed and all negative effects that occur in other institutions are excluded.

Painless detoxification is done in well-controlled conditions and with constant surveillance by doctors and psychotherapists. In this way the disturbed balance in the body is recovered and the treatment period is faster.

Symptoms of the cocaine crisis

Thanks to the use of the controlled medical substance we will be able to eliminate the patient’s desire to consume cocaine in one treatment. Neurotransmitters start working without narcotics and the brain continues to function normally.