Choosing the Finer Options in Running the Cannabis Dispensary

In order to achieve, through sales, increase the profitability of the organization, you must first know your customer well, because it is possible to create strategies that may interest you. However, there are other ways to improve sales so that the financial return on your investment is more beneficial, check out:

Understand the market and your competitor

Know the market trends to know what is valid for the business, understand how your competitor is positioning himself and have a differential to gain competitive leadership. For the dtla cannabis dispensary  management you can come up with the best deals now.

Make purchase and sale planning

With a purchase and sale planning the manager can organize the organization’s accounts and understand everything it has to pay and receive, and organize itself to meet all the demand. An ERP system is perfect for providing all necessary information automatically to the manager.

Know the fixed and variable costs

Every company has costs and usually the managers have an overview of the total of these costs without categorizing them. But it is important to know the organization’s fixed and variable costs in order to be able to create cost reduction strategies.

If you want to know more about fixed and variable costs, we recommend the eBook: pricing and logistics strategies.

Create sales strategies: Some companies work with internal and external sales with the help of sales representatives. Create a sales strategy for your team, understand how you best reach your target audience.

Use an ERP system: A management system will allow the company to manage all processes more efficiently and productively by reporting on the results of all company scenarios, so that the manager can be more assertive in making decisions. 


Take care of after sales service

Do not leave after sales service in the background, because it is the thermometer to understand how satisfied customers are, and when it is well planned also helps in building your brand loyalty.

Cut unnecessary expenses

By understanding and knowing all the costs of the organization, the manager can more easily identify the unnecessary expenses of the company, so that they can be cut.

8- Value the quality: Do not choose your suppliers with the price in mind, take care of the quality you will offer to your customer so that he feels satisfied to buy again.

9- Create different strategies: look for strategies that differentiate you from the competitor, such as: investing in personalized products, can be a giveaway campaign or even a company fixed product.

The cosmetics and perfumes network, Boticario uses this strategy a lot to attract customers to the store, they withdraw a gift upon registration on the site and many end up buying other products.

All of these tips are essential to increasing a company’s profitability through sales, as falling sales impact considerably on little or no significant financial return.


Based on all this information, it is important to highlight that these tips are a way to help the company identify if its sales strategies are well planned, as a well-structured strategy is the way to make good sales.

Mistakes are common when a company wants to increase its profitability, usually expect a short-term result and do not study internal and external scenarios, so miss opportunities to invest in more assertive strategies.