Choosing a hair transplant clinic could be exhausting as it takes a lot of efforts to research to search for competent clinic. But we often make mistakes by considering cost factor as priority and are frugal for cost while looking for options. They often regret after choosing a wrong hair transplant clinic as the results might look bad and unreliable. Performing Hair transplant is a precision based work and requires consortium of expert surgical skills and extraordinary artistic approach. To attain successful results minute considerations should be focused on as negligence on any component during performing hair transplant could cost you failed results.

With the growing realm of hair transplant in India, multiple new clinics are been introducing day by day. Mainly metro and big cities are flooded with many clinics in every nook and corner like Delhi and Jaipur. Many of these clinics might not have an adequate set up which makes them lure the patients by huge discounts and reduce the hair transplant cost in Delhi and Jaipur. Hence, be judicious and careful while opting for hair transplant clinic as your decision is solely responsible for the results you will achieve. First be sure about the genuineness of the clinics before going under the knife. 

“Low cost hair transplant centres” might not be competetent enough to perform such précised procedures as they majorly compromise on many aspects like recruiting technicians for performing hair transplant, using substandard armamentarium and compromising on hygiene and safety standards. People often get trapped by seeing the heavy discount and end up with disastrous results which makes them spend double the amount for repair for wrongly done hair transplant. 

Hair transplant revision are increasing majorly nowadays which is a procedure performed to rectify the bad transplant previously done. This is counted as huge loss in terms of money as well as hair follicular grafts as the one who undergoes these procedures are already lack of it. 

How bad hair transplant looks like?

  1. Using large size punch could deliver large ugly looking scars giving doll’s head look at the recipient site. 
  2. Multiple thick grafts when placed in frontal line and temporal triangles gives unnatural and fake appearance. 
  3. Inappropriate incision and suturing while performing FUT leaves ugly big scar which stays unhidden and is visible under the hairs.
  4. Large size punch when used during FUE could leave white large round scars. 
  5. Dummy like arrangement of hairs in the frontal line and temporal triangles delivers dully look which looks unnatural. 
  6. No proper hairline designing planning as per the patient requirement based on age, sex and professional needs leads to unnatural appearance. 
  7. Violated safe donor area leading to Poor growth in recipient area and density depletion in donor area. 
  8. Improper angulations of hair follicular grafts lead to fake appearance. 

What “low cost hair transplant clinics” could do wrong which results in bad hair transplant?

These clinics as previously mentioned compromise on various aspects which could be essential for success of the hair transplant procedures. These compromises cost the patients with bad looking results among them the major culprit being the unqualified surgeon.  

    1. Over harvesting: Inexperienced surgeons or technicians with lack of knowledge could extract large number of grafts without proper planning which results in overharvesting. It ultimately leads to unpredictability of permanent results and density depletion at donor area. The decision of number of grafts extracted should be taken very judiciously as the results solely depends on them. 
    2. Visible scarring: Technicians and inexperienced surgeons performing hair transplant might not be expert enough to perform FUT or FUE technique appropriately which leads to procedural errors and in turn unavoidable scars. Sound surgical hand and complete knowledge of techniques is mandatory to perform these procedures with successful results. Visible scars leads to undesirable results outcome and patients often look for options for revision of hair transplant. 
  • Violated safe area: Safe area should be taken very seriously while graft harvesting as violating this area leads to non permanent results and procedure becomes complete failure. Inexperienced technicians often have no idea of safe area which results in failure of hair transplant. 
  • Graft damage: The damage rate of grafts can be reduced by expert hands, appropriate armamentarium and latest technology equipments. Low cost clinics are lacking in all of these requirements majorly.  Graft damage is a major concern while performing hair transplant as more graft damage leads to overharvesting of grafts which in turn leads to density depletion in donor area and inappropriate coverage in the recipient area.

“Medispa hair transplant centre” is the clinic where you can trust and rely on the permanency of results with desirable aesthetic outcome. Including, we believes in delivering best hair transplant results at budget friendly amount. We never compromise on our infrastructure and are utilizing latest technology meeting the international standards like well equipped operatory, video assisted microscopes, trained technicians, modern graft segregating room with all essential amenities and excellent hygiene and safety standards.  

Dr Suneet Soni has super specialty degree (MCh Plastic surgery) in the field of plastic surgeries and has more than 13 years of experience. In addition to his excellence in surgical skills he has remarkable artistic skills of hairline designing which makes him one of the most renowned hair transplant surgeons in India.