5 tricks to get the most out of your cbd vape pen

Cbd vape pens provide a cautious and easy way to enjoy cannabidiol. To enjoy vaping, we have to check on few essential tricks. They are

  1. Store cbd vape pens properly

Proper storage goes a long way towards preserving vape pen battery lifespan and maintaining cbd vape oil integrity. Heat and sunlight can degrade vape pen components so keep pens stored upright in a cool, dark place like a pantry or drawer when not in use. Avoid tossing pens loosely into purses or bags which may inadvertently activate the heating element causing rapid battery drain or accidental oil leakage. Investing in a protective vape pen case helps shield delicate vape mechanisms from drops, debris and other damage when transporting pens.

  1. Let the cbd vape pen battery cool

High voltage paired with constant vaping places intense strain on lithium-ion batteries causing capacity degradation over time. Avoid rapid full-power inhales in quick succession which can overwhelm the battery. Take 2-3 moderate inhales then give the vaping pen a rest for a few minutes. Letting the battery fully cool prior to recharging also promotes optimum charging capacity. Rotate usage between multiple charged vape pens to always have a backup on hand.

  1. Clean vape pens and parts regularly

While disposable cbd vape pen require virtually no maintenance, investing a little effort into cleaning reusable vape pen components helps optimize performance. Grebe sure to read manufacturer cleaning recommendations to prevent potential damage of sensitive mechanisms. Over time, residual vape oil, reclaim buildup, and burnt particulates gunk up tanks, mouthpieces and heating coils hindering airflow delivery. Rinse metal and glass vape pen parts with warm water while using cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol to gently clear residues from crevices and interior channels. More extensive deep cleaning with disassembly may be required on occasion.

  1. Perfect your inhale technique

An artful, controlled inhale serves as the gateway for cbd goodness into body and mind. Avoid common mistakes like overly aggressive sucking which can overheat and burn out delicate heating coils. Gentle, steady puffs no longer than 4-5 seconds work best. Starting with a preheat helps thin viscous vape juice for better flow and vaporization. Press the fire button for a second or two then release for a couple seconds before commencing a steady, controlled inhale.

  1. Prevent & address leaks

While modern vape pen engineering has greatly reduced incidents of messy leakage, the occasional cbd vape oil escape can still occur due to changes in altitude or temperature. Carrying vape pens upright keeps oil correctly oriented covering air intake holes. Starting with small test puffs after exposure to pressure or temperature changes re-primes the heating element preventing sputtering leaks. If visible wetness appears, use a paper towel or cotton swab to absorb excess then give the pen several primer puffs to clear oil from the heating chamber redirecting it back into the tank reservoir.

Mastering these inside tricks for getting the longest life and best performance out of cbd vape pens results in plentiful vapor bounty from each inhale. When users invest just a small amount of additional effort into the overall care of their cbd vape gear, they reap substantial rewards with every puff.