4 ways to improve your mental health when handling a stressful project

Sometimes, no matter how much you try not to let it get to you, work can be stressful. And, whilst in the short time a little stress in the workplace shouldn’t cause you too many issues if left unchecked, stress in the workplace can escalate. Over time, increased stress levels can lead to several problems both in the workplace and at home and can have serious repercussions with mental health. 

Understanding that you are stressed by things that are going on at work is one thing but all too often it can move beyond that point very quickly, and it can be difficult to realise that your mental health has taken a knock, until it is too late. Training for project managers can teach you many things but not necessarily how to spot the signs you are doing too much.

Here we look at four ways in which you can improve your mental health.

1.Identify the causes

It is important to deal with stress once it occurs but ultimately you need to be able to identify what it was that triggered the stress so that you can put measures in place to avoid it happening again. This is a really important first step that you should take. 

If you have identified what it is that is causing you stress, then you can take the necessary steps to start solving it. 

2.Talk about it

The old adage “a problem shared is a problem halved” is certainly true in this case. Discussing an issue that is cause you problems is a great way of starting to deal with it. Often discussing something with someone else is a great way to hear the problem out loud and maybe even see a solution. It also allows other people a chance to point out something that you might have overlooked, that could make your life much easier. 

3.See your GP

Sometimes the stress of issues at work can become too much and start to affect your homelife and your mental health. Identifying the issues and talking about them may simply not be enough. When this happens it is important to talk to a medical professional in order to get the help that you need. This doesn’t always mean that yoru GP will put you on medication they might be able to refer you to someone who you can talk to in a professional capactity who can assist you in working through everything. For some people this is enough to help them. If this isnt enough then your GP will be able to discuss alternative solutions with you. Seeing your GP in the first instance will however ensure that you are on their radar.

4.Work life balance

Having a great career can be fantastic but it is really important to find the right balance between work and life in order. Ensure that you have time for the things that you love, and perhaps find a hobby. Being healthy will help you when it comes to work as well. The benefits of project training should help you with this.