3 Tips Everyone Should Know To Recognize, Treat And Prevent Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer is a very common and dangerous disease in which the cells in the lungs grow out of control. Lung cancer might begin from the lungs and spread to other organs and lymph nodes. In some cases, lung cancer may be caused by cancer in another part of the body spreading to the lungs.

Lung cancer can be caused due to several reasons which include over-consumption of tobacco, passive smoking, familial predisposition, pollution, and many others. In all cases, you must know how to recognize and treat the disease. Here are some tips you should know in order to recognize, treat and prevent lung cancer:

Preventing Lung CancerĀ 

Prevention is always better than cure. Understand what causes lung cancer and prevent the disease from getting to you. You all know how harmful smoking is but you still continue to do this. Once you study how it affects your body you might want to quit smoking. Read the article Health Effects of Smoking to find out about some key facts of smoking. Other than smoking you must avoid sitting with smokers as passive smoking is proven to be equally as harmful as smoking.

You must also check your surroundings especially your homes for Radon. Radon is a natural radioactive gas which is emitted into the atmosphere from the soil. Radon gets problematic if you build your house on the soil. Radon gets trapped inside your building and becomes the primary cause of lung cancer. One should take health tips from a specialist to prevent spreading cancer.

Recognizing Lung Cancer

Most of the times people fail to prevent the disease because they do not take the needed actions. However, it is also possible that you take all the actions to prevent it but still get the disease. It is therefore very important to notice the symptoms of lung cancer and seek medical attention in the early stages of cancer.

If you feel like you have been coughing incessantly without any reason then you must visit the doctor. High coughing and shortness of breath are one of the initial symptoms of the disease. After a certain point, you might notice blood in your cough. Along with coughing and irregular breathing patterns you may also feel tired and unwell all the time. You might also notice an extensive weight gain or loss. Usually, patients lose weight because of a poor appetite.

Treating Lung Cancer

After noticing the above-mentioned symptoms you must get your biopsy done. This will involve your doctor extracting a small tissue sample from your lung through a needle or an incision. Your biopsy reports will help your doctor understand the type and stage of your cancer. In the first stage of lung cancer, the lung is the only area that is affected. Treatment for the first stage involves surgery. Visit website to find out what are the treatments of lung cancer.

In stages 2 and 3 cancer may have spread from lungs to other areas which include the surrounding tissues and lymph nodes. A patient in stage 2 or 3 needs a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

The last stage of cancer i.e. stage 4 is the most advanced stage of cancer. Cancer spreads from the lungs into other organs such as the brain or the liver. Doctors use all sorts of treatments to extend your life. Doctors also make use of the latest stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) to cure lung cancer.

SBRT involves using a high dose of radiation to a small area. This is however used to treat cancer in its early stages which can heal the disease and after that medication are advised which can be used.