Why Are Sex Change Operations Popular In Thailand

Shot of a group of surgeons working on a patient in an operating room

Srs surgery Thailand is not uncommon. The customs and habits of people and the characteristics of society allow a person to choose their gender freely. There are two main reasons for this.


The first reason for the spread of sex change operations in Thailand is the state religion. Buddhism implies tolerance towards other people and their weaknesses. Followers of this religion believe that every person has karma that records all actions and focuses their energy on the person himself. This means that judging other people is meaningless and immoral.

An interesting fact: Buddhism generally assumes that the emergence of a transgender person is caused by the fact that a person in a past life has neglected the norms of sexual behaviour or committed a sexual offence. The dual nature of the present incarnation should provide an opportunity to correct past mistakes.

A special institution for mentors who want to change the gender of the boys was founded in Thai society. They can choose their “older sister” who will give them advice, teach them how to overcome difficulties and suggest how to choose the right clothes for the girl. Usually, the sisters study in the same school, but several levels above their stations.


Unfortunately, Thailand is not considered one of the most economically developed countries. In some cases, gender change is a mandatory measure for men to achieve a higher standard of living.

Women in Thailand can earn a lot more than men who work in the leisure and entertainment sector. The male job is left to the seller in the city or the life of a village worker. In cities, it isn’t very easy for men to get a good job with reasonable wages.

Thais say there are entire networks in the country that choose boys. Sometimes parents turn to organizations themselves to offer them a child and receive a cash reward.