Natural vs Organic Cosmetics : What's the difference?

Whether you are trying to avoid chemicals for health reasons or just because you don’t like putting harsh chemicals on your skin, there are many organic alternatives to choose from. Organic cosmetics and makeup are made without the synthetic ingredients that can be potentially harmful to your body. These products are also tested on animals, so they are ideal for those who want to support cruelty-free products.

Organic cosmetics and makeup have been gaining a lot of popularity in the past few years. During the recent economic recession, more people turned to organic products as they are usually lower in price than other name brand products. As more and more celebrities start endorsing organic products, their popularity has soared even higher.

The use of organic makeup has become an important part of many women’s daily routines as they start to become more health conscious. If you are unfamiliar with what organic makeup is, it is makeup that is made of natural ingredients that are not processed chemically. There are many types of organic cosmetics including lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, foundation and so on.

Organic makeup is not only healthier for your skin but it is safer for the environment as well. Most importantly you do not need to worry about any harsh chemicals being used on your skin or harming the environment. It does not contain any chemicals such as parabens or phthalates which can be toxic for your body. Organic cosmetic products also do not contain any artificial colors or synthetic fragrances which can cause allergic reactions in some people.

The Benefits of Organic Cosmetics

All-natural cosmetics and skin care products are free from harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

They’re also good for the environment, as they use sustainable manufacturing practices and avoid using chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

It’s safer for your body: Natural cosmetics don’t need to list any ingredients on their labels, because they’re made with ingredients that you can eat. You won’t find any toxic chemicals in these products, which means they’re much safer for your skin and your health.

It’s safer for the environment: The manufacturing practices used to create organic makeup don’t pollute the water supply or leave dangerous chemical residues in soil. This is better for wildlife, farm workers and local communities.

It’s cruelty-free: The companies that make organic makeup don’t test their products on animals or use animal byproducts in their formulas.
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