Get Beautiful eyes – help with surgeries.

Everyone takes care of their eyes. Whether in the way of cosmetic surgery or any other. Eyes are a very sensitive part of our face. It is because eyes are the only organ from which we see this world, the colors, and we can identify the things.

So why not to take proper care of it. Many people interested in modeling they prefer cosmetic surgeries like eye bag surgery, eyelift or eyelid surgery, or Double Eyelid Surgery, (ทำตา2ชั้น  which is the term in Thai) which is also called Blepharoplasty. To remove their spectacles, they prefer laser treatment. The treatment needs little precautions, and the spectacle will be removed.

Eyelid surgery for youthful experience

  • It tightens the skin and lifts your eyelids
  • It helps to remove excess fat from your eyes.
  • It improves the vision as baggy eyelids result in difficulty in viewing.
  • Helps in to lift wrinkles

People interested in the eyelid surgery

Many people are interested in eyelid surgery; it improves your looks and appearance, and secondly, it improves the eye’s heaviness. If you are facing issues with eyelids, you can take advice from the doctor. If excessive drooping around eyes, which is due to aging so you can opt for surgery.

Smokers should avoid it because they have more risk due to slow healing. The surgeon advises them to quit smoking many weeks ago. It increases the crease of the eyelid. So, during the treatment, the patient will undergo anesthesia. In some cases, a patient’s whole body is awake, but he will be numbed around the eyes.


The patient should eat a light meal in the evening before surgery. Make sure that you do not wear makeup on the day of surgery. There is a proper procedure followed by the doctor during treatment. Doctors mark on the eyelids before surgery. Then doctors judge how much excess skin or fat would be removed.